Video Guidelines & Best Practices

Delivering the Best video for Clients

Mid Frame video

Unless otherwise instructed by the client, please take mid-frame video which is approximately from your waist to a few inches above your head. Keeping yourself slightly off centered to the left or right is also a good position.

What to wear

Follow clients instructions to the best of your ability, if client doesn't provide apparel detail then feel free to wear casual or semi-casual clothing to look appropriate in all videos.

Type of Video

We expect most Inflideo Influencers to use their cell phone in conjunction with a selfie stick or small stand to hold the camera while you speak. Average of 3-5 feet away from the camera is probably normal

Video Etiquette

Speak slowly and clearly, be excited to talk to the camera, allow your personality to shine through. Feel free to take a few takes but send all as we may edit for you.


Most cell phones will work with the built in mic, if you have an add on - then please use it. Be sure to speak loud enough for the mic to clearly record your voice.

Location of Video

Have fun with it, if your client requests a location try to honor it if possible, if not use a quiet location but it can be from your bedroom or bathroom to inside a car, at a cafe, even outside at a park. Remember - DONOT include images of other companies, products or services in the video.

Sample Videos to reference

Please note that these videos are fully edited and do not represent work created or produced by Inflideo, we are simply utilizing the below as examples to give you an idea of how your video shot can look like.  Have something in the background, be vibrant and excited, show your personality etc.